COVID-19: We're Ready... Are you?  |  June 2

June 2, 2020  |  5:15pm

We're Ready... Are You? 


We completely understand. No pressure. Just know that we’re thinking about you and we’ll be here when you’re ready to get back out there to have #funwithcars however—and whenever— you choose.


Awesome! We’re excited. Many regions and divisions across the country are working hard to implement precautions and get events back on their schedules. There are events across all SCCA programs on the schedule for June across the country. While we anticipate some continued fluctuations in schedules, we are cautiously optimistic as we ramp back up.  

Not *quite* sure?

That’s ok, too. Here are a couple additional details that might help.

#funwithcars during a pandemic.

We’re reopening within a worldwide pandemic, and we’re taking precautions at events—sanitizing hands, wearing masks, social distancing and reducing contact. We ask that everyone take these precautions seriously, if not for yourself than for those around you. We are One Team—if we all work together we can stay safe and enjoy events with our COVID-19 event guidelines in place.

We've got some events under our belt.

Thanks to the collective efforts of all members, drivers, and event and region leaders working to make events as safe and fun as possible, the SCCA held a number of events in May. Those included a couple of Track Night events, a Time Trials National Tour, a Hoosier Super Tour, a couple of Majors Road Races and a host of regional events across all SCCA programs. We are pleased to say that by all reports, these events felt more normal than you might expect. Yes, meetings and check-in were a little different, and masks can make the non-verbal a bit hard to read, but the driving, hanging out in the paddocks, being around the cars... it felt right.

Still not sure?

We get it. Everyone has different concerns and approaches, and we accept them all. Just know that when you’re ready, we’re here to support your safe return to the world of motorsports and #funwithcars. We’ll welcome you back on Team SCCA whenever you decide the timing is right.